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Most of the time, the dissertation is written in phases across a long period of time—time that is usually split among your other competing interests. You may still have remaining course requirements, be completing a clinical internship, or have a job or a family. In addition to having impossibly busy lives, most doctoral candidates cannot write their dissertation in one sweep, even if they wanted to! Indeed, one often puts the writing to rest when collecting and analyzing data, when waiting on committee feedback, or during those inevitable periods when one’s general motivation for the dissertation itself wanes. Due to the many breaks doctoral students take from writing coupled with the sheer length of the document itself, the final product is often left rife with formatting inconsistencies. APA rules you were fastidiously following at the beginning have now been forgotten, the spelling of authors’ names has somehow shifted between Chapters 1 and 5, you didn’t notice that on p. 57 you left two spaces between words instead of one (Don’t worry, your university format reviewer will!), and oh, one more thing—on top of all these nefarious APA rules, your university has asked you to follow their own dissertation formatting guide too! At this point all you want is to graduate, not spend weeks or months toiling with all these technicalities. Don’t worry—at TTE, we are experts in APA dissertation editing and are here to help!

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We, at APA Dissertation Editors, specialize in language editing and formatting of varied research documents in accordance with APA guidelines. APA editors at our firm will not only edit your dissertation for language and grammar but also ensure that the format and citation is as per APA compliance. Find out how our editors can help you get approval for your dissertation quickly. When you pursue a course at the postgraduate or doctoral level, a well-crafted dissertation or thesis becomes an essential part of your academic journey. However, you must always remember that obtaining honorable grades from the review committee or publishing a paper or research report is possible only when our editor has followed all the editing rules and compliances. It is also critical that your work cites your referred sources and presents the bibliography in APA format. Following all the necessary linguistic and formatting styles can make your work free of plagiarism. It is important to write original and APA-compliant dissertations to avoid repeated rejections from the review committee.

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