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'Textile Component' is a UK based company and successfully operating its transactions from many years. The company produces and sell components and parts to other textile manufacturing industry. The major products of the firms are buttons, zips and fasteners for the clothing as well as garments. As the organization has achieved success and because of the recent trends in globalization, textile component decided to expand their market and increase their global reach. Internationalization of business is not considered as an easy task. Many challenges and hurdles come across in this context. Organization need to adopt many practices and strategies to perform better and effectively in the international market (Johnson and Turner, 2009).

The main purpose of this report is to prepare an entry plan for international markets in regards with the textile components. The report will also investigate various factors that influence the entry mode of company in to the global market along with the potential barriers that might hinders the expansion of the firm (Globalization - Economic Dimension, 2006). Various marketing strategies in order to enter in the international market are also being explored by the researcher.

In the conclusion part of the report various recommendations for adequate marketing strategy for textile components is also mentioned which provide an aid to the firm to expand their business in the global market.

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