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Students who have been working on dissertations more than five semesters will receive each summer from the Graduate Dean a Dissertation Progress Report form, which they must fill out and return to the Dean by the stipulated deadline (usually October 26). The form is now available online:

Dissertation Progress Report - University of Notre Dame

The Ph.D. Dissertation Annual Progress Report Form must be completed and submitted to Student Affairs Officer by May 30 each year. Students should endeavor to establish a dissertation committee in the first year of study. In that first year, the initial in-person meeting with each committee member (or as a group) counts as the required meetings for that year. The student should describe the experimental design of his/her dissertation and solicit input at the initial meeting. In each subsequent year, the student must meet with each committee member one time individually or as a group in-person. The student should report the progress of the work and solicit input at each annual meeting, making sure committee members initial and date the form at each meeting. When the student is ready to graduate, this form should be reviewed and signed by the student’s Graduate Advisor.

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The Dissertation Committee meets at least once annually with the student to review the student’s progress. The student prepares an Annual Dissertation Progress Report and the committee gives timely feedback (within one month) and confirms whether progress is satisfactory. A copy of the signed progress report is submitted to the Supervisor/Advisor and Graduate Group Chair and is documented by the school in the student’s PhD Worksheet.