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A psychology dissertation topic involving academic psychology should focus on the core theories and concepts that a psychology students cover during the duration of their learning. Such dissertation aims to improve, compare or discover new things about existing studies. Examples of psychology dissertation topics under academic psychology are the following:

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Finally, there is great value in dissertations which better the teaching of psychology. These pedagogical dissertations help future professors develop better curricula, assignments and programs. An exploration of doctoral students' attitudes towards substance abusers would get a warm reception from your dissertation committee, as would any of these topics: the comparative success rates of extroverted versus introverted students, the role of gender in the classroom or the training of students in multiculturalism. Specialized dissertations, such as a 2013 autobiographical narrative by David N. Hunt which followed his success as a dyslexic student obtaining his Ph.D. Like the capacity of the human mind, dissertation topics in clinical psychology are virtually infinite.