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From the OSC’s Open Access Week announcement on October 16th: “The Harvard Library is pleased to use the occasion of to celebrate the adoption of Harvard’s new electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) submission system: . The (HMS) was the first Harvard school to launch the system, in January 2014. It deposited 20 doctoral dissertations in , Harvard’s open-access repository, and listed them in , Harvard Library’s new catalog. Since of HMS dissertations went live in DASH in July, these works have been downloaded over 400 times.

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In the spring of 1997, the NCSU Libraries, the Graduate School, and the campus Information Technology Division began a pilot project that allowed graduate students to submit theses and dissertations electronically. Interest in the project steadily gained momentum and beginning in the Fall semester of 2002, NCSU required all University theses and dissertation to be submitted electronically. These ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) can be accessed from the .

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Welcome to Emory University's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation repository.

University of Georgia Electronic Theses and Dissertations is a collection of the theses and dissertations submittedelectronically to the Graduate School at the University of Georgiasince the summer of 1999.All dissertations are included, although some may not be viewable fromoff campus. The record for an individual document is always viewable,and will indicate the availability of the document. The author of adissertation or thesis, in conjunction with his or her majorprofessor, makes the determination if the work will be publiclyavailable.The ETD database can be searched by keywords, author, title,department, major, major professor, committee members, etc. Foradditional information, click the "Instructions" button on any searchscreen. Since an individual's name may appear in the database invarious ways (especially for faculty members on the advisorycommittees), use the Browse Search to find all variations.NOTE: The complete text of the dissertations and theses is not searchable in this database. However, for those that are publiclyavailable, use the Adobe "Find" feature (binoculars icon) to searchthe text of an individual thesis or dissertation.