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In any essay on conflict, there are several approaches to be taken. They center on the different types of conflict. You could analyze the notion of conflict between individuals, where a person or group of people hold fundamentally incompatible beliefs. Another approach could be to center on the notion of internal conflict, or battles that rage within a particular person. A conflict that pits an individual against an entire group could be another venue in which conflict can be analyzed and discussed. Finally, conflict between an individual and the state of nature could yield much in the way of analyzing how individuals analyze the nature of conflict and their role within it.

A view from the bridge essay conflict

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In both real life and in fiction, conflict describes an enduring struggle between two opposing forces. Whether you're watching a cartoon or reading a serious literary tome, conflict is a key component of plot. Writing an essay on conflict requires a focus, clarity, and an understanding of the different types of conflict presented in a story.