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The town of Westport, Connecticut, is sponsoring an essay writing contest for high school kids to see who can write the best paper on “White Privilege,” offering $1000 to the winner.

National essay contest for high school students in the U.S

As part of this celebration we are announcing an essay contest for high school students, the winner of which will be flown to the Celebration in Nashville to receive the “Tolkien & Lewis Essay Award” and to read the winning essay to those attending the Celebration. has generously agreed to continue their patronage of excellence in writing by awarding $500 to the winner.

Essay contest for high schoolers - The Bulletin

The Optimst Club of Wabash has announced that it’s sponsoring an essay contest for area high school students.

The festival this year is once again sponsoring an essay contest for high school writers. Prizes of $100, $50, and $25 are available for entries judged worthy of an award. The essay contest is intended to encourage literacy through reading Dickens with thought and expression on the relevance of his works to a larger historical context for social issues. The high school essay is based on the reading of the novel Martin Chuzzlewit.