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English Language learners: This is a step-by-step 24-slide presentation to help you revisit necessary information about paragraph writing, so you can assemble an essay in a few easy steps. (Created by Rita Zuba Prokopetz / G&R Languages – October, 2013)

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How to Write an Essay has many components that work well for a BOP (beginning of period) warm up or a refresher which can be shared on a Smart Board or some other projection device. It could also be very helpful to children in the way of homework help, if it was on their own mobile device. This is one app that will help promote deeper learning and children’s writing, which at this point in time is at an all time low. I am really excited to start using this much needed teacher tool in my classroom, as well as for tutoring.

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Many of my comrades have asked me if i could teach them how to write an essay the 122 way. well here it is. It Is fairly simple ...

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