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Nevertheless any practice should be backed up by the theory so prior to getting down to , you should learn the basics of such activities. In order to embrace the theory in its entire diversity you should do your best to study the books your professor assigns you to read and review law essay examples. The way these books are usually selected supposes you to get insight into different often colliding views of different lawyers. Though, you should not just read the respective chapters. Completing the case study supposes you to follow this principle as well. Only after the research is done you can choose the most suitable law essay topic. to spare your time and enjoy the things you like instead of writing a law essay on boring and difficult topics and get all the help you need from our law essay writing help.


technology firm in America the law does not have to lay below. I have transformed. One day, almost 17 years ago, I chose to be unrealistic and my life has taken a unique and determined course ever since. It has been characterized by seemingly rapid bursts of progression, but, looking back, it was persistence and tenacity that propelled me upwards through a world of business, technology and law. I hope to bring these traits with me to Duke Law, Completing my studies will be the greatest thrust forward in my life personally and professionally, and it will allow me to realize my aptitude as attorney and, once again, transform. Law School Essay Examples 5

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I often think of my life in terms of the scientific theory of punctuated equilibrium. This theory states that most organisms undergo transformation and evolution in rare, rapid events of extreme change followed by long periods of stasis, or prolonged rest. Looking back, I can pinpoint my rapid transformations clearly: Leaving my hometown at age 17 without a high school diploma, taking that first technology job without knowing anything about technology, being awarded my first contract with Abbott Laboratories, obtaining my college degree from SCU, and being promoted to one of the principal security managers at Scripts. Between each of these moments of rapid evolution, however, were long periods of stasis where I simply treaded water, slowly making my way towards the next change. I am in a position now where I believe I am not only about to change again, but can decide how and where I want to change. I have chosen the how I want to obtain a law degree. And I have also chosen the where Duke Law School. Although there are many law schools that appeal to me, Duke offered a rare combination of health law and environmental law clinics that truly spoke to both of my interests: The continuation of a successful career in health care regulation, and the enhancement of my work with migratory and predatory birds. These two points, added to Duke s exceptional academic reputation and near-idyllic location, make it an easy choice for me to make. I will not only receive an outstanding education, surrounded by driven and successful individuals, I feel that I will also be happy here. That makes Duke an easy and ideal choice for me. Law School Essay Examples 17