How to proofread your essay for spelling and grammar

8. Don’t Repeat Yourself: Be concise and clear when writing, as many college admins have to read hundreds of essays. So make sure you are detailed, yet you get to the point of what you are trying to say. According to The Princeton Review, it’s not good to repeat yourself, so make sure you proofread your essay prior to submitting it.

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It is a sad reality that many college students today are paying their fellow colleagues to edit their papers. As colleges are getting more and more expensive after each passing semester, students are often being required to work and study simultaneously, thus requiring them to stay busy at all times. Being asked by someone to proofread their work may be something that someone doesn't have time for. This is why many students are picking it out as a job to proofread papers as their source of income. As a student, you will simply be required to submit your essay for proofreading in the easy to use software that is available for free! Proofreading your essay through the software is even educational as it teaches the user a vast array of English mechanics, elements of proper grammar, proper spelling, punctuation and much more.

There's one more step to go, and that's to proofread your essay

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I was told by my English teacher when I first started writing essays back in my high school days that I must proof read my work before I submit it. She said, "Proofreading your essay will save you time because you'll fix a lot of the mistakes before I find them. If you don't proofread your work then your essay will come back to you covered in red ink and you will probably have forgotten what you'd written. As such, it'll take you much longer to fix the mistakes."