Edit and Proofread Your College Essay in Eight Steps

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When you sit down to edit or proofread your essay, make sure you minimise distractions. For a start, turn off your phone! If you can hear other people speaking (whether it be in person or on a television or radio in the background) it can be a huge distraction when you are trying to read something. If you can’t find a place where silence is possible, consider listening to white noise – a steady, consistent sound that comes in many forms, from thunderstorms and waves, to a heartbeat. White noise contains all frequencies of sound so it masks other noises occurring around you. You can search online for ‘white noise’ to find heaps of free clips.

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Your admission essay carries more weight than you may think. Simply put, your essay is your first impression. As such, it’s something you should put energy, time and focus into, just as you would for your first appearance at a job interview. Proofreading your essay to ensure it is error free and showcases your ability to communicate effectively is your best bet in convincing your school of choice that you are the kind of student they want and the professional of tomorrow the world needs.