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Clearly, learning how to write is important for a liberal arts education. Students should not be in a predicament where they need things like online essay writing services. Educators should first address the problems that drive students to essay writing services. When that happens, these services may no longer be sought after by students.

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International students, especially those who do not receive financial aids, pay tuition fees and bear the daily expenses all by themselves. This means it costs them a fortune to study in the UK universities. Moreover, international students are not eligible for loans unless they are U.S. citizens. In fact, it’s not just the international students, but also the domestic students who feel the need for joining part-time jobs to make some extra cash. Students have to go by a budget to maintain their academic and personal expenses. Spending more than the budget could upset their monthly, even yearly plans. This is why students prefer essay writing services cheap as they cannot avoid taking external help to complete their coursework. Limited budget does not allow the students to spend a lot on these writing services.